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Rainbowfish Goes Adrift

Wriggle's brand new commissioned show from Warwickshire Libraries for children & families.


Family audiences are invited to join performers from Wriggle Dance Theatre in the search for the lost Rainbowfish.


Come with us on a quest to the open seas, with dance, live music and some very fishy characters.

Can we help reduce plastic waste in the ocean and return Rainbowfish to the freshwater where it belongs?

Rainbowfish Goes Adrift is now available for bookings for libraries, schools, community venues and other non-theatre spaces.




Out Of This World

Intergalactic vacations for the adventurous soul… 

Family audiences are invited for the holiday of a lifetime as we head to intergalactic territories to spot alien lifeforms and experience the wonder of weightlessness. 


Join the adventure as performers from Wriggle Dance Theatre take over your library with dance, live music, rockets and stars. Have the opportunity to take a selfie with aliens and travel through a black hole. 

A dance theatre show with live music for ages 2+ which has been created especially for Warwickshire Libraries 'Fantastic fun with words' festival.

Out of This World will be available for bookings for Libraries, schools, festivals and other non-theatre settings from Oct 2018.



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A professional dance theatre show for ages 2+ and upwards which has been created especially for non-theatre spaces.
‘Into the Rainbow’ is an interactive, fun and playful dance theatre show with live music. It is a perfect introduction to live performance for young children.

Have a peek inside the rainbow…what can you see?

Meet a playful fish in blue, feel cheeky in orange, create chaos in red and help us to bring a bit of yellow into one character’s life so he can live happily ever after.

‘Into the Rainbow’ is a light-hearted look at the colourful characteristics that exist within us all.

Expect dance, live music, watch & join in with this enchanting playful experience which will delight and tickle little ones & their grown-ups.

'Into the Rainbow' is currently available to book for LIBRARIES, SCHOOLS, CHILDRENS CENTRES & other COMMUNITY VENUES.

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Past Productions



This show was created for professional theatre spaces and toured nationally from Oct 2016 to Mar 2017.

Join us in a magical world of colour. Can you feel the excitement of the deep blue sea, the green peacefulness of nature, or bravely go where no child has ever been… inside an orange?
But do watch out for red, who is sometimes very cross...
Come and experience the beautiful rainbow of emotions that lives inside each and every one of us. What colour are you today?
With live music and projection this interactive dance theatre performance promises to delight, tickle and inspire young audiences.

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This show was created for professional theatre spaces and toured regionally in 2013 and nationally in 2014/15 

It’s the moon’s birthday! He is having a party and we are all invited... But how do we get there? 


Join us as we journey to the moon through strange, distant lands and meet some curious characters along the way. Incorporating dance, live music and audience interactivity, this dance theatre piece offers 3-6 year olds and their parents a truly magical experience.

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A show with 8 intergenerational performers, including 7 dancers and a live musician, that toured residential care homes in Northamptonshire. Supported by Northamptonshire Community Foundation and The Core at Corby Cube.

Comments from our audience members included;

'It was incredibly moving to see how the performers engaged the audience and developed a relationship with them during the journey of the show'

'One resident was crying at the end and saying how beautiful it was. All residents were smiling and getting involved.'

'I noticed the residents becoming joyful'

'Happy faces!'


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