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Wriggle at Home

We've produced some fantastic FREE resources for families with young children who are interested in 'Wriggling at Home', as well as a series of bites sized exercises for the elderly/ frail participants to participate in within a supported setting.


Bite sized creative dance sessions 

for 2-5 year olds & their grown ups

Fantastic ideas to develop your child's brain & body




Through our YouTube channel families can access 2 series of 10 FREE bite sized creative dance sessions with Lucy and Kath.  

Series 1

Wriggle At Home

Access the full series of 10 bite sized create movement sessions here:

Series 2

Wriggle At Home Returns

Access the full series of 10 bite sized create movement sessions here:

  • Wriggle on YouTube
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This playlist is a series of warm-ups, sing-along dances, dance routines and stretch and relax routines aimed at older, frail participants, who could be in a care home setting or in the community. It can be used as a pick and mix to make up a group session or for 1 to one interaction with individuals.

Creative Dance for The Elderly

Introducing ‘Squidge’, Wriggle’s brand new show, all about our sense of touch and how we use it in our everyday lives, touring in Spring 2022. We know it’s a long time to wait so why don’t you join us at home to have a go at some of the fun interactive things from Squidge. What do you have in your house that feels soft or spikey? Have you ever drawn yourself a friend to dance with? Can you float like a bubble? How many different rhythms can you make? Check out our 4 new ‘Here comes Squidge!’ videos for children and grown-ups!

Here Comes Squidge

Wriggle at Home Toolkit


Download the Wriggle at Home PDF below, or drop us an email to and we will send you the high res PDF version of our Wriggle at Home Toolkit which has lots of creative movement ideas for you to try at home and out and about with your child.

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